Ryan Blade Calls Out Conor McGregor (RDS Wrestling Breaking News)

RDSWrestling.com received a statement from someone close to former RDS Wrestling roster member, Ryan Blade. The statement is below and the source will remain anonymous.

“A few days ago, Ryan Blade called myself and a few other people that he regularly spends time with, telling us that we are taking a surprise trip. This was shortly after I dropped off my daughter at school, so my first reaction was to ask him where we were going. With school just starting up, I could not afford to drop everything and head to somewhere like Las Vegas for a couple of days. He answered my question with, ‘I’ll tell you when we are on the plane.’

So, after we boarded, I asked him again. He told us that we were headed to Ireland. To much of our surprise, all of us repeatedly asked him why we were randomly taking a trip to Ireland. However, he said the reason would be revealed when we landed.

At this point, I want to mention that after your General Manager, Daniel Bryan fired Ryan Blade back on January 1st, Blade has become more hungry than ever to become the hottest topic of discussion. An example of this was earlier this month, just 4 days after being fired, Ryan flew all the way to Japan to cost Kazuchika Okada the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 12.

When we arrived in Ireland, Ryan told us that he is going to confront current UFC Lightweight Champion, Conor McGregor. The rest of us were sure that he lost his damn mind.

However, this morning, Blade had us all get into a car and we drove around for a while, until we saw somebody jogging along the road – that man was Conor McGregor. I was sure that Blade was going to jump out and attack McGregor, but he has not gone that crazy – at least not yet.

Instead, while we were passing McGregor, Ryan hung out of the passenger window and screamed, ‘Defend or vacate, you f***ing p***y!’ and then proceeded to throw a cup of coffee at McGregor. Blade demanded that the car speed up while he yelled, ‘I’ll fight you in the Octagon if you’re man enough!’

I’ve been told Ryan Blade has some training in MMA, but I’m not sure if that’ll mean a whole lot of anything if he actually steps inside the Octagon with Conor McGregor.”

While Ryan Blade is still not under contract to RDS Wrestling, we here at RDSWrestling.com feel that it is neccessary to inform you all about updates regarding Blade since he is the founder of RDS Wrestling. We will provide updates as the story continues.


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