RDS Wrestling Regency Awards | Fire Pro Wrestling World (RDS Wrestling Universe Ep 28)

RDS Wrestling kicks off Season 2 with the first-ever Regency Awards! A celebration for everything RDS Wrestling has done so far, with a preview of what’s to come. Pro Wrestling YouTuber XThreeee serves as the host of this exciting event while you, the fans, vote for the winners of Best Episode and Best Match, as well as the Shocker and Wrestler of the Season.

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The RDS Wrestling Universe is a professional wrestling and mixed martial arts series and a connected universe, centered around the RDS Wrestling promotion and its rise. Because the series follows a connected universe, the shows is a serial, meaning each episode contributes to an ongoing plot. This allows RDS Wrestling fans to follow their favorite wrestlers as they not only participate in their own stories, but as they contribute to a larger, overall one as well. — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/rdswrestling


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