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Hello everyone and welcome to my Patreon page! I am Ryan Blade, the man behind RDS Wrestling and today, today I want to introduce you to the RDS Wrestling Patreon page!

I’ve been making pro wrestling content since 2012 – but have dedicated my time to making YouTube videos since April of 2016. Since then, the RDS Wrestling channel has grown faster than I expected, and that’s because of you! Thank you!

However, with the “YouTube Adpocolypse”, what I’m currently doing with the channel will not be sustainable forever. That’s why I’m on Patreon. I’m crawling to the corner of the ring to give you the hot tag, brother!

Join me by becoming a patron so I can create the content I want and the content that you enjoy.

Check out the different tiers with different rewards and see what suits you best. If you decide to join me, I thank you and appreciate you and will never bury you, brother. Unless you turn heel on me. Then I’ll bury you faster than you can say, “Remember the Nexus?”

Click here to go to the RDS Wrestling Patreon page